Bags at Manish Arora Spring 2015

Anonymous asked: this is sort of late but another reason not to stage door if you haven't seen a show is because of over crowding!! for example, i have a friend who saw The Cripple of Innishman for her birthday, and she waited 45 mins in line and ended up having to leave before she met the cast because so many people who hadn't even seen the show were crowding Dan Radcliffe

correct! i just never thought of that because i don’t frequent shows with names that big, but that is definitely another reason!

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i’m eating cold pasta at 1 am

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heatherchandler-thealmighty asked: So is Hell Dream McKinley for Halloween or a con or what?

right now just for halloween, but i’ll definitely bring him to cons in the future! but by the time i wear it to cons it’ll be better. i’m gonna get a wig and some colored contacts later on so that it’s more like how i draw him, but i don’t have the time or money for that right now so for halloween i’m just going with how he is in the show.

also also also i found the perfect hat for my cosplay
i gotta spray it and shit but you get the idea big ole gay blah blah

Anonymous asked: 。◕‿‿◕。

idk if this is what you had on your clipboard or you’re just being cute but either way i love it

thoughtfulcupofcoffe asked: Inland typewriter service

so many questions

Anonymous asked: is it okay to go to the stage door after a broadway show even if you haven't just seen the show? or is that bad? thank you so much !! xx

it’s not really a good thing to do and like i’m guilty of doing it myself just because i missed seeing them but couldn’t afford a ticket for that day. but honestly the point of s/d is to like

congratulate them on a job well done. and when you haven’t seen the show it’s kind of odd for them, yanno?

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Anonymous asked: u dont have to go to bom alone again bc i will come with you <: i'm going for the first time sometime soon!! and im so excited omg

ooooh i’m excited for you! it’s such a great show :’)

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